sobota, ledna 15

Things, bitch. [Part 1]

Things, that I love the most of all.
Things, I could watch-listen-do all the time.
Things, that makes me fell like me.
Thing, that are me.

Go Wild. I love to be a nextdoor girl, but I love to let the hell out of me sometimes. It makes me feel like a wanted girl. Don't know, why I'm doing this. But every time I just FUCKIN' enjoy it.

My Cat Oskar. Love his fell. Yes, and my 10mm plugs. Missin' them... And blond hair :D

Computers. Exactly my notebook called Bedřich.

Her. She is the most perfect girl in the world. [My photos from autumn.]

THIS PHOTO! When I saw it, the firt word what I was thinking about was Photoshop :D Yeah, I did a makeover and this is the result. My new wallpaper. And I'm missing those warm evenings.

3 komentáře:

  1. měla jsem taktéž roztahováka ale vyndala jsem ho. stejská se mi po něm, ale alespoň už mi nesmrdí ucho :D

  2. Fakt? Hej tos mi neměla říkat teď si vyčítám že jsem to vytáhla ještě víc:D

  3. A proč jsi je vlastně vyndala?:)