neděle, února 27

čtvrtek, února 24

such inpiration

 Most pics are from dA, some from Facebook. I love that girls. I've got my computer folder (called Hell) full of pics like these. I love to collect them, such for watching or for trying to make similar photos. I fell in love with the last one. Enjoy ^^

neděle, února 20

I am.

Back in Prague. My mummy got some flowers because of her birthday. I love them. 
The smell of them. 
I wish spring will come early.
And than you will see just flowers.
Oh yeah. 

pátek, února 11

Have a talk

Goin' out of Prague for a week. Thank you for wonderful 12 reader (or how I call them - watchers). I'm going to the mountain, hope there is some snow. Can't take my camera, I'm afraid of destroying it. Have a good time, baaaaaj, baaaaj.
PS: gotta new piers (pic with glasses)

neděle, února 6

sobota, února 5


I'm sad. It's here since a week and I can't get it away from me. 
Listening slow songs. Lying on the floor and thinking of nothing.
Than making photos. Posting some of them.

No make up.

No make up, part 2.

Who's that sailor bitch?

úterý, února 1

From the green kingdom.

Chtěla jsem prostě jenom přispět fotkama - neupraveno.

No photoshop.